Our CSR Journey

We deliver our CSR through:

Rojo wants to be the socially progressive Large Format digital product company.

The solution provider for best practice environmental wide format products. Helping lives and creating a

large impact through our business, by contributing to our people, products, customers with our community.

We believe in the sustainability of our industry & community by maintaining our best practice commitment whereby products are sourced, developed and formulated to meet quality and manufacturing standards and other industry guidelines involving the environment, safety, recycling & up-cycling.

Our products incorporate best practice standards of:

  • RoHS Certification - Restriction of Hazardous Substances.
  • REACH Certification - Stable & safe plasticiser use in plastics.
  • Beyond REACH - Removal of toxic heavy metal stabilisers.
  • Vinyl Council of Australia - Product Stewardship Signatory.
  • PVC Modified & PVC Free Alternatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

How we actively engage with our community, our environment & our customers thorough our CSR activities

> We use sustainability and lifecycle thinking as an innovation tool for our business.

Our customers

We aim to educate and empower our customers with our knowledge.

Helping our customers with CSR knowledge to grow their business and buy with confidence.

CSR & Industry

> Solutions provider to the industry

> Setting industry standards & creating solutions

Our CSR services

> Large Format printing advisory

> Best practice production advisory.

Community 1%

> 1% product / time

> Active role

> Steering solutions

> Collaborations

> Partnerships

> Reduce the landfill

Our products are backed by a collective 60 years technical experience in pre-press, colour management, print production, printer operation & materials sourcing within the traditional offset & screen printing arena as well as digital narrow and large format. You can rest assured we will advise you properly and provide a product that effectively meets the needs of your applications.

Contact us further about our best practice production contact: John Wright : jwright@rojopacific.com.au

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