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Supreme Opacified

Double Sided Indoor Posters


SUPREME OPACIFIED is bright white opacified art board for demanding applications, where rigidity and extra bulk is required. This premium quality and double-sided board offers great print performance & minimum drying time.


Cards, tags, point-of-sale

2 years
Not recommended

UV cured
Composition: Calandared cellulose based paper
Main Applications: Large format double sided posters, cards, point of sale
Features: Economically priced, superior bulk and stiffness, bright white, true coated art board, food contact approved to ISEGA standards
Surface Treatment: Clay coating
Storage Conditions: Store at 22°C 50 ~ 55% RH
Remarks: Scuff protection recommended on solid ink coverage
Sheet Sizes: See sheet cutting
Roll Widths: 1320 & 1600
Roll Lengths: Not applicable
Log Cutting: Not available
Sheet Cutting: up to 3200mm x 1600mm
Method: UV curable digital & screen print systems
Printable Sides: Bothsides
Ink Suitability: UV cured
Thickness: 0.48mm
Weight: 260gsm
Gloss Level: Satin
Heat Resistance: 85°C
Cold Resistance: 5°C
Shrinkage: ± 1%

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