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Double Sided Blockout Banners


OPTIMA is a two sided, smooth, PVC coated, reinforced blockout banner vinyl with a UV resistant print formulation and a high tensile woven high density yarn designed for high resolution double sided images displayed in high strength indoor or outdoor sign & banner applications. A black centre layer is provided to restrict the effect which light transmission has on the graphic appearance and the surface coating thickness prevents the inner scrim to be visible though the printed image. Its dimensional stability assists with its ability to drape well.


Closely viewed, high quality 2 sided banners

6 years
3 years

Solvent, UV & Screen
Composition: High tensile round woven polyester yarn knife coated with PVC resin on 2 sides
Main Applications: Double sided closely viewed pole and drop banners requiring minimal scrim visibility
Features: Two sided smooth surface, excellent white point & blockout layer
Benefits: Highest image quality, ease of printing, processing & durability
Formulation: Anti-static, UV stabilized, Fire Retardant
Storage Conditions: Store at 22℃ 50 ~ 55% RH
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture
Sheet Sizes: See Sheet Cutting
Roll Widths: 1370, 1600, 2500, 3200
Roll Lengths: 50 + 100 for 1370mm & 1600mm widths
Log Cutting: Up to 3200mm widths
Sheet Cutting: up to 3200mm x 1830mm
Method: Most solvent, UV curable digital & screen print systems.
Printable Sides: Bothsides
Ink Suitability: Solvent, UV & Screen
Thickness: 0.45mm
Weight: 650gsm
Denier & Density: Denier 500x500 - Density (cm) 28 x 28
Gloss Level: Matte
Heat Resistance: 70 ℃
Cold Resistance: -30 ℃

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