Adhesive Films

Polymeric White Gloss Supertack Perm

5 Yr Self Adhesive Graphics


ROCAL Polymeric vinyls have been engineered for a large range of wide format digitally printed mounted graphic applications using face stock weights & formulations that consistently capture and display ink effectively whilst providing extra long term durability & excellent resistance to shrinkage. SPTVO-P is a glossy opaque white film with a permanent, solvent based acrylic adhesive designed for low energy surfaces. It can be wet applied and has a two side coated, moisture resistant & stay-flat paper liner.


Long term adhesive graphics onto low energy surfaces

320 grams per m² ± 5%
10 years
5 years

UV Cured inks (Offset, Screen & Inkjet) Solvent & Latex
Composition: Calandered PVC film, adhesive & release paper
Main Applications: Long term printed graphics mounted to low-energy surfaces
Features: Controlled, reliable print formulation & shrinkage, stay-flat liner, aggressive adhesive
Benefits: Reliable printing, high durability & flatness, visually appealing, reduced risk of de-lamination
Formulation: Plasticised Polymeric Vinyl
Storage Conditions: 5~40℃ & 35~75% RH
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
Release Liner: 0.18mm, 120gsm double PE coated
Adhesive Type: Clear super tack solvent based acrylic
Remarks: Total weight including liner & adhesive 320gsm
Sheet Sizes: See sheet cutting
Roll Widths: 1370
Roll Lengths: 50
Log Cutting: Available
Sheet Cutting: Up to 3200mm x 1370mm
Method: UV Offset, Screen & Digital
Printable Sides: One, wound facing outside of roll
Ink Suitability: UV Cured inks (Offset, Screen & Inkjet) Solvent & Latex
Thickness: 305 micron
Weight: 320 grams per m² ± 5%
Gloss Level: Gloss
Heat Resistance: 80℃
Cold Resistance: -30℃
Shrinkage: 0.5↓ % (80℃x48hrs)

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