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Solpaper Gloss

Single Sided Indoor Posters


SOLPAPER GLOSS is a conventional cellulose based paper with a light ink receptive coating on one side designed for use on eco-solvent inkjet printers. Whilst it has a good water & scuff resistant coating, it is mainly recommended for indoor short term non-laminated posters whereby production time and costs needs to be reduced.


Indoor durable posters

2 years
Not recommended

Solvent, UV cured, latex & screen
Composition: Cellulose paper plus knife coated ink receptive layer
Main Applications: Indoor / outdoor pull-up displays, general posters and point of sale graphics
Features: Moisture controlled, smooth print coating, excellent white point
Benefits: Reduced production times, no need for lamination, fast drying, vivid appearance
Surface Treatment: None required
Storage Conditions: 5 ~ 40 ℃ & 35~75% RH
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
Remarks: Waterproof
Sheet Sizes: See sheet cutting
Roll Widths: 1270
Roll Lengths: 30
Log Cutting: Available
Sheet Cutting: up to 3200mm x 1270mm
Method: Most solvent, UV curable digital & screen print systems
Printable Sides: One, face wound inside
Ink Suitability: Solvent, UV cured, latex & screen
Thickness: 0.25mm
Weight: 220gsm
Gloss Level: Glossy
Heat Resistance: 85°C
Cold Resistance: 5°C
Shrinkage: ± 1%

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