Laminating Films

Floor Graphic Heavy (D1/P3/R9)

3 Year Cold Laminating Films


ROLAM monomeric cold laminating films have been engineered for protective lamination onto digitally printed images to extend durability of the base stock and provide image and scuff protection. Their face stocks are produced with UV stabiliser and in a manner which minimises shrinkage during & after lamination.

LPF is a slip approved (report available) and rough textured transparent film designed for lamination onto floor graphics vinyls and has a permanent, solvent based acrylic adhesive and a single PE release liner.


Slip Resistant Wet &/or Dry Floor Graphics

430 gsm
5 years
1 years

Not designed
Composition: Calandered PVC film, adhesive & release paper
Main Applications: Floor graphic protective over laminate
Features: UV resistant, easy apply, controlled shrinkage formulation, water proof.
Formulation: UV stabilised plasticised monomeric vinyl
Storage Conditions: 5~40℃ & 35~75% RH
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
Release Liner: 100 gsm single PE coated
Adhesive Type: Clear solvent based acrylic PSA - permanent.
Remarks: Slip resistance classification using AS 4586-2013 = D1, P3 or R9.
Sheet Sizes: See sheet cutting
Roll Widths: 1000, 1350, 1500
Roll Lengths: 50 & 100 (for 1350mm width only)
Log Cutting: Available
Sheet Cutting: Up to 3200mm x 1500mm
Method: Not designed
Printable Sides: Not designed
Ink Suitability: Not designed
Thickness: 0.42mm
Weight: 430 gsm
Gloss Level: Textured Matt
Heat Resistance: 80℃
Cold Resistance: +5℃
Shrinkage: 0.5↓ % (80℃x48hrs)

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