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Rodure XTC 566

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RODURE XTC566 is a white, semi-opaque, high density polypropylene sheet stock with a smooth, matte surface on two sides and a semi rigid card-like formulation. It is suitable for a large range of durable printed applications requiring resistance to tearing, water, premature breakdown or yellowing due to ultra-violet light exposure.


Heavy durable posters & display card

566 gsm
10 years
2 years

UV cured systems
Composition: High density single layer polypropylene
Main Applications: Heavyweight display card, horticultural tags, shelf wobblers, folder covers and menus
Features: High opacity, stiff, matte, UV stabilised, anti-static and UV resistant
Benefits: Reliable printing 2 sides, high durability & economically priced
Surface Treatment: Corona both sides
Formulation: Anti-static, UV stabilized & low temperature impact modified
Storage Conditions: 22°C 50℃ ~ 55% RH
Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture
Remarks: Recycler details available upon request
Sheet Sizes: 1060mm x 1540mm
Roll Widths: Not stocked - Indent only
Roll Lengths: Not stocked - Indent only
Log Cutting: Not applicable
Sheet Cutting: Not applicable
Method: UV Offset, Screen & Digital
Printable Sides: 2 sides
Ink Suitability: UV cured systems
Thickness: 500 micron
Weight: 566 gsm
Gloss Level: Matte
Heat Resistance: 85°C
Cold Resistance: -20°C
Shrinkage: ± 1%

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